Experts in quality & Inspection

Third Party inspection



ALFA Egypt provides a wide range of short & long term inspection services with variety of work scopes in such fields:


  • Coating inspection.

ALFA Egypt provides Independent quality assurance inspection coating  services (painting- fireproofing-insulation,...etc)  assist owners of industrial and commercial structures mitigate the risks of corrosion and deficient performance by verifying that the contractor’s quality control practices achieve the desired final product as specified in the specification. ALFA Egypt inspectors are fully equipped with all of the instrumentation necessary to verify the quality of surface preparation and coating application.

  • Steel & Welding Inspections

Steel inspections are performed utilizing experienced and certified welding inspectors to verify the processes and quality of the fabrication

  • Welding inspections.
  • NDE inspections (VT-PT-MT-UT) and PAUT.
  • Tanks, pipelines and pressure vessels [API] inspections.
  • Construction Material Testing.
  • Corrosion investigation and failure analysis.