ALFA Egypt offers you a wide variety of inspection tools for both Coating and welding inspection. ALFA Egypt provides various instruments from different countries and assures the quality of these devices.


We are Authorized dealer for DeFelsko gages, Micro-Metrics gages from USA, OKOndt group from ukraine and Paint-test-Equipment from UK.

We are also dealer for PCE instruments  and Guoou


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Air Quality Particle Counting Meter PCE-PCO 2
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his is a portable handheld air quality particle counting meter or particle counter used to monitor particulate matter (PM) concentrations in the air. Designed to aid in indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments, this particle counter also measures air temperature, dew point and relative humidity.

The particle counter is ideal for monitoring clean rooms, exposure to exhaust, smoke and other harmful air pollutants, and levels of airborne combustible dust such as agricultural dust, carbonaceous dust, chemical dust, metal dust, plastic dust and wood dust.