ALFA Egypt offers you a wide variety of inspection tools for both Coating and welding inspection. ALFA Egypt provides various instruments from different countries and assures the quality of these devices.


We are Authorized dealer for DeFelsko gages, Micro-Metrics gages from USA, OKOndt group from ukraine and Paint-test-Equipment from UK.

We are also dealer for PCE instruments  and Guoou


To have a Look on our gages, Please select the required Manufacturer from the menu

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Item Name Price
PosiTest® LPD
EGP 8000.00
PosiTector IRT
EGP 8560.00
Digital Thermometer PCE-894
EGP 9120.00
PosiTector SmartLink
EGP 9305.00
PosiTest® DFT Ferrous
EGP 9305.00
Cross Hatch Cutter
EGP 9310.00
Damp Meter PCE-PMI 4
EGP 9400.00
Concrete Moisture Meter FMW B
EGP 10950.00
PosiTector 6000 F-1
EGP 11760.00
PosiTector® SST
EGP 12125.00
PosiTector SPG
EGP 12125.00
Pinhole Detector
EGP 12450.00